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Experienced, professional, licensed and full time DJs who play music for you - not at you.


Emcee services by accomplished radio veterans for corporate events, fundraisers, and fashion shows.

Sound & Lighting

From small backyard events when it’s only necessary for 1 speaker, 10 speakers in a hotel ballroom, wedding ceremony production or thumping bass, we use the highest quality speakers, microphones, cables and mixers to guarantee clear audio. 

Up lighting that transforms a plain room with color, battery powered LED lighting that goes to the beat of the music, and dazzling gobo lights that fill the ceiling and dance floor - we’ve got it all.



Easy to set up and instantly shares images via text or email. Available with a backdrop or green screen, digital props and physical props plus an attendant to adjust lighting and assist guests. 



Quiet R!ot Headphones. The absolute most fun at all of our parties for people who are participating and even for those who just watch! These are individual headsets with wireless technology that have three channels and each channel has a different music source and color. We typically run this show with three DJs who battle for their color on your headset. While you’re dancing to Michael Jackson, someone else may be rocking out to The Killers or Drake. 


Wow your audience with this see through digital mixing screen, the hottest DJ technology in the world. Less than 100 exist, and this is the only in Atlanta.

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