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Not A Fetish

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

I’m having my closet redesigned (insert your own feeble joke here). The packrat, urchin side of me has major issues letting go of things that have a sentimental value. Hello, therapy. There are deep rooted causes that I am fully aware of that contribute to this illness. The good news is I only have one cat and I can move about my home freely. That said, I am treating myself to a beautifully designed new closet space. It will have room for my assortment of concert and cat t-shirts, fancy gig clothes, and tennis gear and will undoubtably make me feel like I am seriously “adulting”. While measuring the space, the designer asked how many onesies I own and do I want them on hangers. She didn’t judge. I explained they were for children’s parties. The day after we had the final plans, I realized my oversized plushie animal heads needed space and sent her this text. (pic of text) We decided it might be best to store them out of sight. It’s for the kids!

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