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Back That Thing Up

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

The Best Man was giving a beautiful toast to his sister and her new wife while family and friends teared up, laughed and raised their champagne to toast the newlyweds. Meanwhile, across the room, your fearless DJ was about to vomit. Three minutes earlier, the couple’s first dance was cued up and ready to go when a message appeared on my computer screen - “Disk not ejected properly.” Huh? I hadn’t touched anything and all I could do was will him to keep talking! My AV tech rebooted that computer while I prepared to play the first few songs from my back up laptop, iPad and/or iPod - all of which were powered up and plugged in. It took a good ten minutes to determine that it was a faulty hard drive cable but by that time we were in full on dance party and no one knew the difference. I always have a back up to my back up at my gigs. However, I’m not the one to trust to packing your suitcase if we travel together. Lots of t-shirts and not enough shoes.

- Yvonne

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